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The LIMES Project

Improved Zentralblatt MATH user interface,
data, and retrieval software

Improved Zentralblatt MATH user interface,
data, and retrieval software

Zentralblatt MATH has officially released a new version of the Zentralblatt MATH user interface and retrieval software on 14. September 2001.

The URL is the same as for the previous version:
This work is part of the LIMES project, Work-Package 1: Quality of Data and Retrieval, Deliverable D1.2: Alpha versions. It is the first project result that is publicly visible.

Main partners involved in creating this enhanced version were:

We invite you to try this new version, and possibly send feedback (e-mail Address for feedback appears on top of each of the pages).

According to LIMES project planning, we will gather feedback from the user community during the coming months and evaluate that, in order to get a clear picture for necessary further developments. Please spread this news as widely as possible.

Parallel to that, some minor changes and continuous updates are likely to happen, so watch out for news (see the "News" section on the above page).

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions, at

Main Changes

Clearer navigation for Zentralblatt MATH query pages in different languages: Integrated services (on left side menu):

Classification: combined classification and search

Serials and Journals: Enhanced result display

Diacritical characters now appear in HTML output whenever possible. However, the full set of special characters is only available in DVI, PS, and PDF output.

Enhanced functionality of PDF output: Better screen readability, full Zentralblatt MATH linking mechanisms embedded.

New numbering scheme

New numbering scheme for preliminary entries:
Entries that are currently in the editorial process of Zentralblatt MATH but not in final form appear with an eight digit number, prefixed by "pre". As soon as these entries are finally published, the receive their final Zbl no. However, they are still accessible via the preliminary number.

All final entries have a Zbl number of the form VVVV.CCNNN where VVVV is the number of the printed Zentralblatt MATH volume where this item has appeared, CC is the main classification section code, and NNN is a number.

Direct links

Direct links to individual Zentralblatt MATH items can be established once you know their (preliminary) Zbl number:

Direct links to ERAM

Abstracts might contain active links to JFM ("Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik") for literature published before 1931. The JFM-numbers refer to abstracts and reviews in ERAM, Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics (1868-1931).