The Jahrbuch Project
Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics

The Electronic Research Archive results from a project supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). It consists of two parts:

Both parts are connected with links.

The JFM Database

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   Update April 2006

Digital Library Göttingen

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More information about the JFM database:

History of JFM

      The first page of the JFM
   Preface of the editors 1868
   Retrospect and prospect 1903
   In memoriam E. Lampe 1914/15
   Preface volume 53 (1931)
   Editor Erika Pannwitz

Project Information

      SLA-PAM Award 2006 (Citation)
   Persons and institutions involved
   Letters to the editor
   Aim of the project
   Background of the project
   Description of the project

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