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 EULER-TAKEUP Project: Needs and Benefits

Supported by the IST Programme of the European Community
Project Number IST-2000-29445

Needs and Benefits

The innovation potential of this project can be described best by stating major findings of the Commission experts, made during the intermediate and final Project Reviews of the successfully completed EULER project:
"The project has undertaken very significant research into aspects of information management and retrieval within the Dublin Core and Z39.50 environments. The project has revealed important findings in relation to the applicability of these standards. The project has also made valuable explorations into the O(pen) A(rchive) initiative and other relevant and topical areas.

The project appears to make a significant contribution to the area, with potential for portability to other disciplines, as well as further potential for development of the existing service model.

The overall approach is professional and takes into account all relevant issues, including ongoing discussions on metadata, profiling etc. Partners contribute constructively to the metadata standardisation process. Library and end-user needs are reflected to a very high degree. The exploitation potential is great, also with a view to extending the approach to other domains. The project and its approach have the potential of becoming a model for other fields. A richer user interface could make this model even more attractive.

1.) It is imperative that a solution be found to the technical difficulties encountered with response times.
2.) Future income generation should be based on securing the participation of commercial content providers. The service should remain free at the point of use."

These remarks clearly describe the state-of-the-art position of EULER services, which are unique in the field, and also give a clear picture of innovative aspects that will require further work:

EULER-TAKEUP is based upon the main, state-of-the-art achievements of the EULER project:



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Supported by the IST Programme of the European Community: Project EULER-TAKEUP (IST-2000-29445)