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 EULER-TAKEUP Project: Consortium

Supported by the IST Programme of the European Community
Project Number IST-2000-29445

Overview and roles of participants

The EULER-TAKEUP consortium is made up of a subgroup of participants of the former EULER project. The EULER-TAKEUP consortium is thus a small sub-group of partners from the larger EULER Consortium. It will act as a task force of the EULER Consortium to achieve the specific project goals. Roles and functions of the participants are:

Staats- u. Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (UNIGOE) will coordinate the project and lead the work in all work packages. It will make its OPAC, preprints collection, collection of mathematical internet resources accessible to EULER, investigate and implement options for technological adaptations, and collaborate in defining a sustainable service and business model.

The European Mathematical Society (EMS) will - as a sponsoring partner - represent the user perspective and and care for the European dimension of the project. Central topics for EMS are thus user requirements, sustainable service and business model, and information dissemination and service evaluation.

Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI): The role of the CWI library in the project is to participate in the final definition of user requirements. CWI will make its OPAC data available as Dublin Core Metadata Database. Relevant preprints and grey literature of CWI will be made accessible via the common EULER approach. The CWI library will participate in a future consortium aiming at sustaining the EULER service.

The role of the University of Florence (UNIFI) is similar to that of CWI.

FIZ Karlsruhe (FIZ) will make the collection of Zentralblatt MATH data available (the most comprehensive international abstracting and reviewing service in the field mathematics), do technological adaptation work, and provide additional perspectives for the service and business model definition. Through its close collaboration with major publishers (e.g. Springer-Verlag), FIZ will care about extending the EULER service model to new commercial publishers and other partners.

All partners will contribute to Information Dissemination and Service Evaluation.

Since UNIGOE, CWI and UNIFI represent differently structured types of libraries, it is expected that the outcomes of this project be applicable to a wide variety of new library partners.


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Supported by the IST Programme of the European Community: Project EULER-TAKEUP (IST-2000-29445)