Electronic Proceedings of the First International Workshop


Mathematical Knowledge Management: MKM'2001

RISC, A-4232 Schloss Hagenberg, September 24-26, 2001
Bruno Buchberger and Olga Caprotti (Eds.)

Preface by Bruno Buchberger


Andrew Adams
Digital Lookup Tables and Real Number Theorem Proving
(pdf, ps)

G. Albano, G. Gargiulo and S. Salerno
Modelling for Understanding of Scientific Knowledge
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.pdf)

Andrea Asperti, Luca Padovani, Claudio Sacerdoti Coen, Ferruccio Guidi and Irene Schena
Mathematical Knowledge Management in HELM
(pdf, ps)

Manasi Athale and Rahul Athale
Exchange of Mathematical Information on the Web: Present and Future
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.ps)

Peter Baumgartner and Antje Blohm
Automated Deduction Techniques for the Management of Personalized Documents

Christoph Benzmüller, Andreas Meier and Volker Sorge
Distributed Assertion Retrieval
(pdf, ps )

Jonathan Borwein
The International Math Union's Electronic Initiatives
(html, pdf, ps)

Bruno Buchberger
Mathematical Knowledge Management Using Theorema
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.ps)

Paul Cairns and Jeremy Gow
On Dynamically Presenting a Topology Course
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.pdf)

Olga Caprotti, Herman Geuvers and Martijn Oostdijk
Certified and Portable Mathematical Documents from Formal Contexts
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.ps)

James H. Davenport
Mathematical Knowledge Representation
(pdf, ps)

James Caldwell, Stuart Allen and Robert Costable
Logical Aspects of Digital Mathematics Libraries (extended abstact)
(pdf, ps)

Mike Dewar and David Carlisle
Mathematical Software: the Next Generation?
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.pdf)

William M. Farmer and Martin v. Mohrenschildt
A Formal Framework for Managing Mathematics
(pdf, ps )

Frédéric Fürst, Michel Leclère and Francky Trichet
Contribution of the Ontology Engineering to Mathematical Knowledge Management
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.pdf)

Adam Grabowski
Robbins Algebras vs. Boolean Algebras
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.ps)

Thérese Hardin
Mathematical Knowledge Management in FOC
(pdf, ps)

Michael Kohlhase
Formal Representation Issues in an Open Mathematical Konwledge Base -- Extended Abstract
(pdf, ps)

Daniel W. Lozier
The NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions Project
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.ps)

Ludovic Meunier and Bruno Salvy
Automatically Generated Encyclopedia of Special Functions
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.ps)

Gerhard O. Michler
How to Build a Prototype for a Distributed Digital Mathematics Archive Library
(pdf, ps)

Koji Nakagawa and Bruno Buchberger
Two Tools for Mathematical Knowledge Management in Theorema
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.ps)

Bill Naylor and Stephen Watt
Meta Style Sheets for the Conversion of Mathematical Documents into Multiple Forms
(pdf, ps)

Piotr Rudnicki and Andrzej Trybulec
Mathematical Knowledge Management in MIZAR
(pdf, ps)

Christoph Schwarzweller
Designing Mathematical Libraries Based on Minimal Requirements for Theorems

Wolfgang Sperber and Roland Schwänzl
Mathematical Knowledge Management and Math-Net: Semantics, Visualization and Internationalization of Math-Net
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.ps)

Terry Stanway
From G.H.H. and Littlewood to XML and Maple: Changing Needs and Expectations in Mathematical Knowledge Management
(pdf, ps, mkm-distr.pdf)

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