Proceedings of the Conference

Contemporary geometry and Related Topics

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro                      June 26 - July 2, 2005




Neda Bokan University of Belgrade, Serbia Zoran Rakić University of Belgrade, Serbia
Mirjana Djorić University of Belgrade, Serbia Bernd Wegner Technical University, Berlin, Germany
Anatoly T. Fomenko Moscow State University, Russia Julius Wess University of Munich, Germany



This volume covers a broad range of topics in modern geometry and related branches of mathematics, physics and visualization. Most of papers give new interesting results in Riemannian and pseudo-Riemannian geometry, various structures on differentiable manifolds, homogenous spaces, submanifolds, Lie algebra cohomology, topology, integrable systems, general relativity, Finsler geometry, geometric invariant theory, links and knots, and noncommutative geometry. There are also papers giving overviews of the recent achievements in some special topics such as Khler geometry, Minkowski spaces, spectral geometry, quantum groups and Hofer's geometry. This book provides a great chance for interchanging new results and ideas in multidisciplinary studies.
Hard Copy
2006; 534 pp; hardcover; ISBN: 86-7589-059-1;
Published by Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade,
Studentski trg 16,
11001 Belgrade, Serbia.
Printed by Čigoja Publishing Company.


Table of Contents:

Preface v
Vitaly V. Balaschenko: Invariant f-structures in generalized Hermitian geometry 5
Cornelia L. Bejan and Massimiliano Ferrara: Para-Khler manifolds of quasi-constant p-sectional curvature 29
David E. Blair: On generalized catenoids 37
Manlio Bordoni: Spectra of submersions 51
Miguel Brozos-Vzquez, Peter Gilkey and Stana Nikčević: Jacobi-Tsankov manifolds which are not 2-step nilpotent 63
Esther Cabezas-Rivas and Vicente Miquel: Mean curvature in Minkowski spaces 81
Nicola Ciccoli and Fabio Gavarini: Quantum duality principle for coisotropic subgroups and Poisson  quotients 99
Irena Čomić: The Einstein-Yang-Mills equations in gauge spaces of order k 119
Ivko Dimitrić: Grassmannians via projection operators and some of their special submanifolds 135
Mirjana Djorić and Masafumi Okumura: Certain contact submanifolds of complex space forms 157
Kosta Doen and Zoran Petrić: Symmetric self-adjunctions: A justification of Brauer's representation of Brauer's algebras 177
Branko Dragovich and Zoran Rakić: Some aspects of noncommutativity on real, p-adic and adelic spaces 189
Maria J. Druetta: The k-stein condition on Damek-Ricci spaces 205
Alexandra V. Fedorova: Bifurcational diagram and discriminant of completely integrable system 217
Marisa Fernndez and Vicente Muoz: Non-formal compact manifolds with small Betti numbers 231
Vasyl Gorkavyy: On minimal lightlike surfaces in Minkowski space 247
Graham Hall: Curvature structure and general relativity 261
Friedrich Hegenbarth and Duan Repov: Some recent approaches in 4-dimensional surgery theory 273
Slavik Jablan and Radmila Sazdanović: Braid family representatives 285
Eberhard Malkowsky: The graphical representation of neighbourhoods in certain topologies 305
Stefano Marchiafava: Complex submanifolds of quaternionic Khler manifolds 325
Darko Milinković and Jelena Katić: On Hofer's geometry of the space of Lagrangian submanifolds 337
Dmitry Millionschikov: Massey products in graded Lie algebra cohomology 353
Yuri Nikolayevsky: On Osserman manifolds of dimension 16 379
Gleb V. Nosovskiy and Eugenia S. Skripka: Error estimation for the direct algorithm of projective mapping calculation in multiple view geometry 399
Taras Panov: Topology of Kempf-Ness sets for algebraic torus actions 409
Zoran Petrović: Nonsingular bilinear maps, spaces of matrices, immersions and  embeddings 427
Ljiljana Radović and Slavik Jablan: Mackay antisymmetry space groups 437
Alessandro Savo: Spectral estimates for differential forms 451
Mohsen Shiha and Josef Mike: On holomorphically projective flat parabolically-Khlerian spaces 467
Zoran Stanić and Slobodan K. Simić: On graphs with unicyclic star complement for 1 as the second largest eigenvalue 475
Lajos Tamssy: Finsler spaces corresponding to distance spaces 485
Kostadin Trenčevski: Violation of the strong equivalence principle 497
Aysel Turgut Vanli: Corrected energy of distributions for 3-Sasakian and normal complex contact manifolds, and a critical point of the energy on the Iwasawa manifold 513
Vesna Veličković: On surfaces of rotation of a given constant Gaussian curvature and their visualizations 523