Proc. 6th Int. Conf.
Differential Geometry and Applications
Brno, Czech Republic
August 28 - September 1, 1995


  • V. Aldaya, M. Calixto, J. Guerrero, Algebraic versus topologic anomalies ... 495-502 Abs DVI PS

  • A. Lopez Almorox, C. Tejero Prieto, Infinitesimal symmetries of Hall effect on Riemann surfaces ... 503-512 Abs DVI PS

  • A. Lopez Almorox, C. Tejero Prieto, BRST cohomology of the Hall effect on the sphere ... 513-522 Abs DVI PS

  • J. M. Nunes da Costa, C. M. Marle, Reduction of bihamiltonian manifolds and recursion operators ... 523-538 Abs DVI PS

  • M. De Leon, D. Martin de Diego, Almost product structures in mechanics ... 539-548 Abs DVI PS

  • L. Fatibene, M. Ferraris, M. Francaviglia, M. Godina, A geometric definition of Lie derivative for spinor fields ... 549-557 Abs DVI PS

  • G. Fischer, Quantization induced by geometry ... 559-565 Abs DVI PS

  • G. S. Hall, Projective symmetry and holonomy ... 567-571 Abs DVI PS

  • J. Janyska, M. Modugno, Classical particle phase space in general relativity ... 573-602 Abs DVI PS

  • L. Klapka, Poisson manifolds of geodesic arcs ... 603-610 Abs DVI PS

  • J. Musilova, Variational sequence in higher order mechanics ... 611-624 Abs DVI PS

  • J. Novotny, O. Stolin, A generalized approach to the conservation laws problem in general relativity ... 625-630 Abs DVI PS

  • S. Reuter, Conformal transformation of equivalence in quantum cosmology ... 631-639 Abs DVI PS

  • W. Sarlet, The geometry of mixed first and second-order differential equations with applications to non-holonomic mechanics ... 641-650 Abs DVI PS

  • P. K. Smrz, Differential geometry and elementary particles ... 651-658 Abs DVI PS