Proc. 6th Int. Conf.
Differential Geometry and Applications
Brno, Czech Republic
August 28 - September 1, 1995


  • B. Casciaro, M. Francaviglia, V. Tapia, On the variational characterization of generalized Jacobi equations ... 353-372 Abs DVI PS

  • M. Craioveanu, M. Puta, On the rigid body with two linear controls ... 373-380 Abs DVI (Two figures not visible in DVI form) PS

  • I. S. Krasil'shchik, A supersymmetry approach to Poisson structures over differential equations ... 381-391 Abs DVI PS

  • M. Marvan, Another look on recursion operators ... 393-402 Abs DVI PS

  • R. Matsyuk, A first order prolongation of the conventional space ... 403-415 Abs DVI PS

  • G. Munteanu, Techniques of higher order osculator bundle in generalized gauge theory ... 417-426 Abs DVI PS

  • J. Pohjanpelto, I. M. Anderson, Infinite dimensional Lie algebra cohomology and the cohomology of invariant Euler--Lagrange complexes: A preliminary report ... 427-448 Abs DVI PS

  • J. F. Pommaret, Einstein equations do not admit a generic potential ... 449-454 Abs DVI PS

  • M. Puta, On an extension of the 3-dimensional Toda lattice ... 455-462 Abs DVI PS

  • A. Samokhin, Discontinuous symmetries of differential equations ... 463-467 Abs DVI PS

  • J. Stefanek, A representation of the variational sequence in higher order mechanics ... 469-478 Abs DVI PS

  • D. Tunitsky, Contact equivalence of Monge-Ampére equations with transitive symmetries ... 479-485 Abs DVI PS

  • R. Vitolo, Some aspects of variational sequences in mechanics ... 487-494 Abs DVI PS