Proc. 6th Int. Conf.
Differential Geometry and Applications
Brno, Czech Republic
August 28 - September 1, 1995


  • M. A. Akivis, On four-dimensional conformal structures ... 231-238 Abs DVI PS

  • D. Andrica, C. Pintea, Some situations when the topological $\varphi$-category is infinite ... 239-244 Abs DVI PS

  • M. Bjelica, Area and length for roulettes via curvature ... 245-248 Abs DVI PS

  • N. Blazic, N. Bokan, Invariance theory and affine differential geometry ... 249-260 Abs DVI PS

  • M. Fecko, 'Falling cat' connections constructed from the momentum map ... 261-265 Abs DVI PS

  • V. I. Glizburg, The Cartan connection as an invariant of differential system ... 267-274 Abs DVI PS

  • M. Juras, Generalized Laplace invariants and classical integration methods for second order partial differential equations in the plane ... 275-284 Abs DVI PS

  • P. Multarzynski, Differential structures for function spaces ... 285-292 Abs DVI PS

  • J. Nikic, F(3,1)-structure on the Lagrangian space and invariant subspaces ... 293-298 Abs DVI PS

  • T. Rybicki, Commutators of $C^r$--diffeomorphisms acting along leaves ... 299-307 Abs DVI PS

  • V. V. Shurygin, Smooth connections and horizontal distributions on manifolds over local algebras ... 309-319 Abs DVI PS

  • J. Szenthe, Symmetries of Lagrangian fields are homotheties in the homogeneous case ... 321-328 Abs DVI PS

  • A. Vanzurova, Projectors of a 3-web ... 329-335 Abs DVI PS

  • P. Witowicz, An existence for submanifolds of higher codimensions ... 337-344 Abs DVI PS

  • R. Wolak, Graphs, Ehresmann connections and vanishing cycles ... 345-352 Abs DVI PS