Proc. 6th Int. Conf.
Differential Geometry and Applications
Brno, Czech Republic
August 28 - September 1, 1995


  • A. Cabras, The Ricci identity for general connections ... 121-126 Abs DVI PS

  • A. Cap, A note on endomorphisms of modules over reductive Lie groups and algebras ... 127-131 Abs DVI PS

  • A. Dekret, Almost complex structures and connections on $TM$ ... 133-140 Abs DVI PS

  • M. Doupovec, J. Kurek, Liftings of tensor fields to the cotangent bundle ... 141-150 Abs DVI PS

  • I. Kolar, An infinite dimensional motivation in higher order geometry ... 151-159 Abs DVI PS

  • J. Munoz Masque, M. E. Rosado Maria, DiffM does not act transitively on the solutions of an invariant variational problem on FM ... 161-169 Abs DVI PS

  • A. Nijenhuis, Connection-free differential geometry ... 171-190 Abs DVI (Two figures not visible in DVI form.) PS

  • J. Slovak, On the geometry of almost Hermitian symmetric structures ... 191-206 Abs DVI PS

  • Y. Villarroel, On higher order contact manifolds ... 207-214 Abs DVI PS

  • G. Virsik, Bunch connections ... 215-229 Abs DVI PS