Proc. 6th Int. Conf.
Differential Geometry and Applications
Brno, Czech Republic
August 28 - September 1, 1995


  • A. Arvanitoyeorgos, SO(n)--invariant Einstein metrics on Stiefel manifolds ... 1-5 Abs DVI PS

  • C.-L. Bejan, 2-codimensional lightlike submanifolds of almost para-Hermitian manifolds ... 7-17 Abs DVI PS

  • A. Bucki, Representation of the Lie group of automorphisms of an almost r-paracontact Riemannian manifold of P-Sasakian type ... 19-28 Abs DVI PS

  • F. Gimenez, A lower bound for the radius of the smallest ball containing a manifold with curvature bounded from above ... 29-34 Abs DVI PS

  • R. Ivanova, On the geometry of some 4-dimensional Einstein manifolds ... 35-43 Abs DVI PS

  • J. Mikes, On the general trace decomposition problem ... 45-50 Abs DVI PS

  • V. Miquel, Some applications of the extrinsic distance to immersed and embedded submanifolds ... 51-60 Abs DVI PS

  • M. Podoksenov, Lorentzian manifold with a group of conformal transformations that has a normal one-parameter homothety subgroup ... 61-64 Abs DVI PS

  • N. Pusic, Some connection class on a hyperbolic Kaehlerian space ... 65-72 Abs DVI PS

  • M. Rainer, H. J. Schmidt, The natural classification of real Lie algebras ... 73-79 Abs DVI PS

  • E. D. Rodionov, Homogeneous Riemannian manifolds with Einstein metrics ... 81-91 Abs DVI PS

  • V. Rovenskii, The integral of mixed scalar curvature along a leaf of foliation ... 93-101 Abs DVI PS

  • S. M. Salamon, Orthogonal complex structures ... 103-117 Abs DVI PS

  • H. J. Schmidt, On the space of 3-dimensional homogeneous Riemannian manifolds ... 119-120 Abs DVI PS