These Conference Proceedings contain written versions of most of the contributions presented at the 5th International Conference on Differential Geometry and Its Applications, held in Opava (Czechoslovakia), August 24-28, 1992, in the site of the newly established Silesian University at Opava (founded 1990).

The Conference provided a setting for discussing recent developments in Differential Geometry (Section A) and Geometrical Methods in Physics (Section B). There were main lectures during the mornings and short talks on more specialized topics in the afternoons.

The members of the Organizing Committee were Jarolim Bures, Anton Dekret, Josef Janyska, Ivan Kolar, Oldrich Kowalski, Demeter Krupka (Chairman), Zbynek Nadenik, Jan Novotny, and Jiri Vanzura. The program organizers for the sections A and B were Oldrich Kowalski and Ivan Kolar.

The Chairman, and the Editors of these Proceedings, are grateful to the Rector of the Silesian University Professor Martin Cernohorsky, to the Mayor of the City of Opava Ing. Jiri Stanek, and Father Jilji Alois Cidlik O.F.M., for their support of the Conference activities. We are also obliged to the following companies Data International, Stavex, and Zeus for their sponsorship.

We would like to thank all the referees and other colleagues who helped in preparing these Proceedings for publication. Our thanks are also due to all participants for their contributions to the Conference program, and to these Proceedings.

The Chairman wishes to express his thanks to Ivan Kolar and Oldrich Kowalski for their successful work on the program problems. He is also grateful to the colleagues of the Department of Mathematics of Opava University Jiri Honka, Jana Kapounova, Olga Krupkova, and Irena Srkalova who provided valuable advice and assistance with planning and organization, and to our students Petra Auerova, Martina Belanikova, Radek Dolezal, Radek Hauser, Dana Keclikova, Jiri Nosek, David Pokluda, Zuzana Raszkova, Leos Stybnar, and Tomas Urbasek for their assistance during the meeting.

Special thanks are due to Michal Marvan for his continuous help and work in connection with these Proceedings, and to the supporting staff Tomas Dvorak, Regina Krontalova, Vasil Magliona (Chairman), and Vladimir Ulrich, who essentially contributed to the organization of the meeting.

Oldrich Kowalski, Demeter Krupka
The Editors

Opava, March 30, 1993