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An invitation to authors of the EMS-Newsletter

The Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society is first of all a membership bonus for the individual members of the society. Moreover, several departments and libraries have a subscription to the Newsletter.

The editors encourage prospective authors to submit their articles or suggestions for articles to the Newsletter. Articles of interest for the Newsletter may be

Instructions for authors

Proposals for articles can be sent to any editor (see postal and e-mail addresses in any issue of the Newsletter). They will be collected by the editor-in-chief, Martin Raussen, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University, Fredrik Bajersvej 7G, DK – 9220 Aalborg Řst, Denmark, e-mail:

We prefer to receive articles as electronic documents attached to an e-mail. The preferred formats are

Articles from authors outside the English speaking countries will be sent to the Newsletter’s English copy editor for a language check.

Advice for authors

An article should be well-structured. Headings and subheadings help the reader to get a quick overview. Boxes with separate text/illustrations that explain a particular angle of the story to be told (with a frame, shaded...?), provide another possibility for additional structure.

Pictures/graphics are important; they give an immediate impression of what an article is all about, and they break monotonicity. Please propose as many as you can imagine.

CV etc.

Identification of the author is by name, e-mail address, affiliation and a photo (at best electronic, cf. below). Moreover, we appreciate a brief CV (need not be dry and may also indicate private interests; see examples in previous issues of the Newsletter).


If at all possible, send pictures in electronic format (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg etc.); you may scan paper illustrations. If this is not possible, send illustrations by ordinary mail, and we will scan them. Please make layout easier for us by including a page (electronic format) with the following indications (for each picture):

Indications       Example
source: usually a URL   source:
caption: a short explaining text   caption: Conference participants at Prague
where: to place in the document?   where: in the section "Programme of the Weekend"

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