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PDF hints

All my PDF files are intended to be viewed with Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later (version 4 or later preferred); if you do not have it installed, you may download it now from Adobe. Other pdf viewers should be able to display the errata files but will not normally work for the Electronic Edition.

To get a clearer picture, you may wish to deselect the `smooth text' and `calibrated colour' options in the Reader's general preferences.

If your Reader does not display the files properly (eg complains about missing or inextractable fonts), try to re-install a new version of the Reader but make sure that any trace of any old installation is erased before. Adobe have told me that font problems tend to occur when new versions are installed on top of old ones without uninstalling those first. The pdf files on this site, as well as the Electronic Edition on the ftp site shown below, do have all the fonts needed embedded in the file. On at least one occasion increasing the memory cache reserved for displaying fonts on the screen cured the problem. (This was on a Mac: just increase the ATM cache to a megabyte or two.)

If the Reader asks for a password, try to (use the latest version and) just download the file again. This probelm appears to occur spuriously and unpredictably, and in at least three cases it disappeared with a second download of the same file. The download from this site appears less prone to this problem than that from the ftp site mentioned below, although the files are identical.

If you find that you cannot change the magnification or window size, try to open the file from within the Reader rather than have your Web browser open it for you.

To enable the document to download in the background (rather than be sent page by page as you view it), you must have the corresponding option selected in the Reader's preferences. Even then it may not be visible in your home directory or under a name you will recognize, but may just sit in some temporary buffer. However, most browsers also let you download a file to a directory and file name you can specify. How exactly this is done depends on how your browser is configured; the right mouse button is usually a good try.

If you still encounter technical difficulties obtaining or using the errata files or the Electronic Edition, please let me know.

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