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Francisco J. Craveiro de Carvalho:
I do not have a photographic memory

Published 2010 in the EMIS Electronic Library with kind permission of the author. Available as web gallery and PDF (66 MB)

Jerzy Trzeciak:
Mathematical English Usage — a Dictionary

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GCLC (Geometry Constructions -> LaTeX converter)

GCLC (Geometry Constructions -> LaTeX converter) is a tool for easy making geometrical (but not only geometrical) figures. It provides easy-to-use support for many geometrical constructions, isometric transformations, general conics, etc. Making figures is based on the idea of "describing figures'' rather than of "drawing figures''. Thus, this approach stresses the fact that geometrical constructions are abstract, formal procedures and not figures. A figure can be generated on the basis of abstract description, in Cartesian model of a plane. GCLC had several releases since 1996 and it has been used for producing digital illustrations for a number of books and journal volumes. GCLC comes in versions for command line (DOS/Windows and Linux) and in MS Windows version.

The GCLC pages are mirrored in the EMIS Electronic Library with kind permission of the author from the original pages at

Slavik Jablan:

The Mathematica-based program LinKnot is the extension of the program KNOT2000 by M. Ochiai and N. Imafuji. Among other things, it contains a database of knots and links with at most 12 crossings, as well as an extensive database of basic polyhedra.

Electronic Geometry Models

This electronic archive is open for any geometer to publish new geometric models, or to browse this site for material to be used in education and research. These geometry models cover a broad range of mathematical topics from geometry, topology, and to some extent from numerics.

The Wolfram Functions Site

This site contains an encyclopedic collection of information about mathematical functions. The site also details the interrelationships between the special functions of mathematical physics and the elementary functions of mathematical analysis as well as the interrelationships between the functions in each group.

Bernd Wegner (ed.):
World Mathematical Year 2000

Activities, Resolutions, Pictures, Conferences, and other material

Collected by Zentralblatt MATH with the kind permission of the providers.
Originally published as a CD-ROM on the occasion of the Third European Congress of Mathematics (3ECM), Barcelona, July 10–14, 2000.

Book Reviews:

Ollie Lehto, "Erhabene Welten. Das Leben Rolf Nevanlinnas"
Review of: Ollie Lehto, Korkeat maailmat. Rolf Nevanlinnan elämä. Otava, Helsinki 2001.

Joel Feldman, Horst Knörrer and Eugene Trubowitz, "Fermionic functional integrals and the renormalization group"

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