M. ICM'98 Sponsors

To make attractive for as many mathematicians as possible the local Organizing Committee has set a registration fee that is quite modest compared to the length and the size of the Congress and compared to the service that will be offered and included in the fee.

Nevertheless, there will still be many mathematicians for whom participation is economically unaffordable. To help at least some of them attend , large support programs have been set up by the Organizing Committee in cooperation with the International Mathematical Union. These programs offer financial support for active young as well as mature mathematicians from developing countries and for mathematicians from Eastern Europe. Details can be found in the World Wide Web server.

The costs of organizing an event such as in a big city like Berlin are enormous. To keep them as low as possible, the organization depends - to a very large extent - on the dedication, time, and energy of many volunteers from the Berlin universities and mathematical research institutes as well as on the help of many colleagues throughout Germany. In addition to working free of charge they often cover arising costs from their own or other sources. The Organizing Committee would like to thank all persons and institutions involved.

Even with all this help, it would still be impossible to finance a large and costly event such as by registration fees only. The organizers are grateful to the

for their substantial financial contributions to the organization of . Generous support has also been obtained from foundations and companies. Sponsoring from industry is hard to obtain in economically hard times, and we are particularly grateful to companies who recognize the importance of mathematics. The final list of sponsors will be announced at the Congress and published in the proceedings volume. Up to now financial contributions have been obtained from

We would also like to express our thanks for contributions from the International Mathematical Union, the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung, and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Versicherungsmathematik, and the Berliner Mathematische Gesellschaft. Donations have been given by many mathematicians from all over the world who particularly contributed to the funds for the support programs for mathematicians from developing countries and Eastern Europe.

Finally, we would like to thank the state of Saxony, one of the sixteen German states, who helped to make the IMU General Assembly possible.

The IMU General Assembly will take place in Dresden, Saxony, from August 15 to 16, directly before ICM'98.

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