ICM98-CL11 (97/04/07): Riemann conjecture solved?


Eleventh Circular Letter, April 7, 1997 (Special Announcement)

Subject: ICM98-CL11: Riemann conjecture solved?

Dear colleague:

I have received variants of the e-mail below from several sources 
and was asked to distribute the news over the ICM98 e-mail server. 
If the message and the result are correct, a really important 
mathematical problem is solved. Thus, I believe that the announcement 
deserves wide distribution.

The message, I was told, is an e-mail from Enrico Bombieri to Doron 
Zeilberger explaining the solution of the Riemann conjecture by
Alain Connes and an unnamed young physicist.


Martin Groetschel


>Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 09:50:44 +0100
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>Subject: A tous les mathematiciens
>Voici le texte d'un message de la part d'Enrico Bombieri,
>adresse' a Doron Zeilberger,  D.F.
>Dear Doron,
>        There are fantastic developments to Alain Connes's lecture
>at IAS last Wednesday.  Connes gave an account of how to obtain
>a trace formula involving zeroes of L-functions only on
>the critical line, and the hope was that one could obtain also
>Weil's explicit formula in the same context; this would solve
>the Riemann hypothesis for all L-functions at one stroke.  Thus there
>cannot be even a single zeroe(1) off the critical line!
>        Well, a young physicist at the lecture saw in a flash that
>one could set the whole thing in a combinatorial setting
>using supersymmetric fermionic-bosonic systems (the physics
>corresponds to a near absolute zero ensemble of a mixture
>of anyons and morons with opposite spins) and, using the
>C-based meta-language MISPAR, after six days of uninterrupted
>work, computed the logdet of the resolvent Laplacian,
>removed the infinities using renormalization, and, lo
>and behold, he got the required positivity of Weil's explicit
>formula!  Wow!
>        Regards also from Paula Cohen.
>        Please give this the highest diffusion.  Best,
>        Enrico
>(1) This is the correct spelling, according to vicepresident
>Dan Quayle.

Institut de Recherche Mathematique Avancee
Universite Louis Pasteur
7 rue Descartes
67084 Strasbourg Cedex, France


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