"Zapiski Nauchnyh Seminarov POMI"

VOL. 274
  • This issue is entitled " Interference waves in layered media. 5 "
  • editor G.I.Petrashen

  • Petrashen G. I. Preface.......5 (.ps.gz)
  • Petrashen G. I. Propagation of seismic wave fields in layered media. Part II .......11 (.ps.gz)
  • Petrashen G. I., Rudakov A. G. On avenues for the development of seismic prospecting of the twentieth centure .......143 (.ps.gz)
  • Rudakov A. G. Some aspects of the history of development of seismic prospecting by the method of reflected waves .......165 (.ps.gz)
  • Reviews .......219 (.ps.gz)

  • Paging 219 pp.
  • Language Russian

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