"Zapiski Nauchnyh Seminarov POMI"

VOL. 246
  • This issue is entitled "Geometry and Topology. Part 2"
  • editor V. A. Zalgaller

  • The volume contains several papers on geometry of Grassmannian manifolds, a paper on representing a function in several variables by a difference of two convex functions, a paper giving a description of nonsmooth bendings of cylinders, and some other papers on descriptive geometry. Topology is represented by its applications to problems of existence of various polygons (polyhedra) inscribed in and circumscribed about a closed convex curve (surface). One of these results provides an improvement of Gruenbaum's upper estimate for the maximin of diameters of the four parts into which an arbitrary three-dimensional body of unit diameter can be divided. Two papers are devoted to spaces with non-Euclidean metric.