Volume 31 (December 1999) Number 6


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles • Electronic Edition • ISSN 1615-679X


Analyses: Special aspects of TIMSS related to mathematics education. Part 1
Part 2 

Special aspects of TIMSS related to mathematics education. Introduction 
(Johanna Neubrand, Michael Neubrand)
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On the Japanese perspective on TIMSS 
(Toshio Sawada)
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From formal standards to everyday practice of mathematics learning: Illustrations from the TIMSS Case Study Project in Japan 
(Carol J. Kinney, Akane Zusho)
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Studying sample lessons rather than one excellent lesson: A Japanese perspective on the TIMSS Videotape Classroom Study 
(Yoshinori Shimizu)
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Mathematical features of lessons in the TIMSS Video Study 
(James Hiebert, James W. Stigler, Alfred B. Manaster)
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Book reviews

Burn, B.; Appleby, J.; Maher, P. (Eds.): Teaching undergraduate mathematics 
(H. Brian Griffiths)
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Announcements of future events
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