Volume 27 (October 1995) Number 5


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles •  ISSN 0044-4103


Analyses: Geometry in Israel. Part 1
Part 2

7. Internationale Geometrietagung in Haifa 1995 (7th International geometry conference in Haifa)
(Herbert Zeitler)   p. 141-142

Fractal geometry in the high school classroom
(Dane R. Camp)   p. 143-152

Patterns of shape and numbers  
(Judita Cofman)   p. 153-156

Didactical remarks on the theorems concerning angles and circles together with some applications
(Rudolf Fritsch)   p. 156-160

Book reviews

Kütting, H.: Beschreibende Statistik im Schulunterricht (Descriptive statistics in the mathematics classroom)
(Herbert Henning; Brigitte Leneke)   p. 161-163

Schoenfeld, A.H.: Mathematical thinking and problem solving  
(Kaye Stacey)   p. 164-166


Addresses of contributors   
p. 166

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