Volume 25 (October 1993) Number 5 


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles •  ISSN 0044-4103


Analyses: Sixth international conference on geometry. Part 2
Part 1

Some materials for teaching mathematical ideas 
(Abe Shenitzer)   p. 157-163

How much information should a geometrical definition include? 
(Shlomo Vinner et al.)   p. 164-170

Remarkable right angles 
(Gunter Weiss)   p. 171-175

Book reviews

Backhouse, J. et al.: Improving the learning of mathematics 
(Mollie MacGregor)   p. 176-177

Baptist, P.: Die Entwicklung der neueren Dreiecksgeometrie (Development of the recent geometry of the triangle)
(Karlhorst Meyer)   p. 178-179

Grabosch, A.; Zwölfer, A. (Eds.): Frauen und Mathematik (Women and mathematics)
(Helga Jungwirth)   p. 180-183

Schupp, H. et al.: PROgramme für den STOchastik-Unterricht (PROgrams for STOchastics teaching
(Herbert Henning, Brigitte Leneke)   p. 184-187

Streefland, L.: Fractions in realistic mathematics education 
(Wilfred E. Boykin)   p. 188-189


New journal covered by ZDM
p. 190

Addresses of contributors
p. 190

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