Volume 23 (February 1991) Number 1 


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles •  ISSN 0044-4103


Analyses: Problem solving in mathematics. Part 1
Part 2 

(Erkki Pehkonen)   p. 1-4

What's all the fuss about problem solving? 
(Alan H. Schoenfeld)   p. 4-8

Linking application and acquisition of mathematical ideas through problem solving 
(Kaye Stacey)   p. 8-14

Mathematical problem solving: Open, closed and exploratory in the U. K. 
(John Mason)   p. 14-19

Book reviews

Greer, B.; Mulhern, G. (Eds): New directions in mathematics education 
(Michael H. Price)   p. 21-22

Grzesik, J.: Begriffe lernen und lehren 
(Learning and teaching concepts
(Hans-Joachim Vollrath)   p. 23-25

Skemp, R.: Mathematics in the primary school 
(Kathleen Hart)   p. 25

Wittmann, E. Ch.; Müller, G. N.: Handbuch produktiver Rechenübungen Bd.1: Vom Einspluseins zum Einmaleins (Manual of productive computational exercises. Vol. 1: From addition to multiplication tables
(Sybille Schütte)   p. 25-28


Announcements of future events
p. 29

Addresses of authors
p. 30

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