Volume 38 (June 2006) Number 3


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

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Analyses: Modelling perspectives from around the world 
Edited by Bharath Sriraman (USA), Gabriele Kaiser (Germany), Morten
Blomhøj (Denmark) 

A1: A brief survey of the state of mathematical modeling around the world 
Bharath Sriraman (USA), Gabriele Kaiser (Germany), Morten Blomhøj (Denmark)... p.212

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A2: Enhancing the image of mathematics by association with simple pleasures from real world contexts
Robyn Pierce (Australia) and Kaye Stacey (Australia)
... p.214
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A3: Mathematical modelling as a tool for the connection of school mathematics
Fco. Javier García (Spain), Josep Gascón (Spain), Luisa Ruiz Higueras (Spain),

Marianna Bosch (Spain) …
p. 226
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A4:  Modeling conceptions revisited
Bharath Sriraman (USA) and Richard Lesh (USA)
...p. 247
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A5: Teachers’ ways of listening and responding to students’ emerging mathematical models
Helen M. Doerr (USA)
...p. 255
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A6: Functions: a modelling tool in mathematics and science
Claus Michelsen (Denmark)
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A7: Simple thinking using complex math vs. complex thinking using simple math
Steffen M. Iversen (Denmark) and Christine J. Larson (USA)
...p. 281
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A8: Mathematical modelling in classroom: a critical and discursive perspective
Jonei Cerqueira Barbosa (Brazil)... p. 293                                                   

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A9: A global survey of international perspectives on modelling in mathematics education
Gabriele Kaiser (Germany), Bharath Sriraman (USA)... p. 302 
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Book Reviews

R1: Jamie I.D. Campbell (Editor): Handbook of Mathematical Cognition
Bharath Sriraman (USA)...  p.311

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