Volume 37 (October 2005) Number 5


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Teaching mathematics between standards and individual learning - selected papers from the 2005 German annual meeting of mathematics education

Compiled and edited by Günter Törner, Duisburg (Germany); Michael Kleine, Regensburg (Germany); Christian Gross, Augsburg (Germany); Bharath Sriraman, Missoula, MT (USA)

A1: Editorial. Törner, Günter (Germany); Kleine, Michael (Germany); Gross, Christian (Germany); Bharath Sriraman (USA) .. 335
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A2: “Open Learning? Computeralgebra …No time left for that…”
Barzel, Bärbel (Germany) ...336
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A3: Appropriate problems for learning and for performing – an issue for teacher training
Büchter, Andreas (Germany), Leuders, Timo (Germany) … 343
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A4: Working with tasks for the learning of problem solving in maths teaching as an issue of the first teacher training phase
Bruder, Regina (Germany) … 351
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A5: Individual ways of dealing with the context of realistic tasks – first steps towards a typology
Busse, Andreas (Germany) … 354
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A6: Connecting Arguments to actions – dynamic geometry as means for the attainment of higher van Hiele levels
Gawlick, Thomas (Germany) … 361
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A7: Motivations and meanings of students’ actions in six classrooms from Germany, Hong Kong and the United States
Jablonka, Eva (Germany) ….371
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A8: The computer as “an exercise and repetition” medium in mathematics lessons: Educational Effectiveness of Tablet PCs
Kittel, Andreas (Germany), Beckmann, Astrid (Germany), Hole, Volker (Germany), Ladel, Silke (Germany), Bharath Sriraman (USA) ... 379
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A9: Visage – Visualization of algorithms in discrete geometry
Kortenkamp, Ulrich (Germany), Geschke, Anne (Germany), Lutz-Westphal, Brigitte (Germany), Materlik, Dirk (Germany) ... 395
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A10: Is the definition of mathematics as used in the PISA Assessment Framework applicable to the HarmoS Project?
Linneweber-Lammerskitten, Helmut (Switzerland), Wälti, Beat (Switzerland) ... 402
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A11: On the way to open standards for education
Nestle, Fritz (Germany), Nestle, Nikolaus (Germany) ... 408
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A12: Picturing Student Beliefs in Statistics
Rolka, Katrin (Germany), Bulmer, Michael (Australia) … 412
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A13: CAS integration into learning environment
Sárvári, Csaba (Hungary)… 418
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A14: Thinking wants to be organized. Empirical studies to the complexity of mathematical thinking
Sjuts, Johann (Germany) … 424
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A15: Balancing mathematics education research and the NCTM Standards
Sriraman, Bharath (USA),  Pizzulli, Michelle (USA) … 431
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A16: High-performing students in the 'Hauptschule' – A comparison of different groups of students in secondary education within Germany
Wynands, Alexander (Germany), Möller, Gerd (Germany) … 437
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A17: Patterns – a fundamental idea of mathematical thinking and learning
Vogel, Rose (Germany) … 445
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