Volume 37 (August 2005) Number 4


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Analyses: Quality development in mathematics education by focussing on the outcome: new answers or new questions?
Compiled and edited by Andreas Büchter, Dortmund (Germany), Timo Leuders, Freiburg (Germany)  and Regina Bruder, Darmstadt (Germany)

A1: Introduction:
Quality development in mathematics education  by focussing on the outcome: new answers or new questions? (Andreas Büchter, Timo Leuders) ... 263-266
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A2: Zur Rolle von Bildungsstandards für die Qualitätsentwicklung im Mathematikunterricht (On the role of educational standards for quality development in mathematics education)
(Werner Blum, Christina Drüke-Noe, Dominik Leiß, Bernd Wiegand, Alexander Jordan) ... 267-274
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A3: Outcome standards and core curricula: a new orientation for mathematics teachers in Germany   (Timo Leuders, Bärbel Barzel, Stephan Hußmann) ... 275-286
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A4:  Mathematics standards and curricula in the Netherlands
(Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, Monica Wijers) ... 287-307
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A5: The curriculum’s view of knowledge transferred to national tests in mathematics in Sweden
(Katarina Kjellström, Astrid Pettersson) ... 308-316
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A6: : Zentrale Lernstandsmessung in der Primarstufe: Vergleichsarbeiten Klasse 4 (VERA) in sieben Bundesländern (Central student assessment in primary schools: comparative tests for grade 4 in seven federal states of Germany)
(Jens Holger Lorenz) ... 317-323
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A7: From students‘ achievement to the development of teaching: requirements for the feedback in comparative tests
(Andreas Büchter, Timo Leuders) ... 324-334
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