Volume 37 (February 2005) Number 1


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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The development of students’ algebraic thinking in earlier grades: Curricular, instructional and learning perspectives

Compiled and edited by Jinfa Cai, Newark, DE (USA), and Eric J. Knuth, Madison, WI (USA)

A1: Introduction: The development of students’ algebraic thinking in earlier grades from curricular, instructional and learning perspectives (Jinfa Cai, Eric J. Knuth) ... 1-4
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A2: The development of students’ algebraic thinking in earlier grades: A cross-cultural comparative perspective
(Jinfa Cai; Hee Chan Lew; Anne Morris; John C. Moyer; Swee Fong Ng; Jean Schmittau) ... 5-15
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A3: The development of algebraic thinking. A Vygotskian perspective
(Jean Schmittau) ... 16-22
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A4: The positioning of algebraic topics in the Hong Kong elementary school mathematics curriculum  (Ngai-Ying Wong) ... 23-33
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A5: Helping elementary teachers build mathematical generality into curriculum and instruction
 (Maria L. Blanton; James J. Kaput) ... 34-42
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A6: Preparing teachers to foster algebraic thinking
(Hilda Borko; Jeff Frykholm; Mary Pittman; Eric Eiteljorg; Mary Nelson; Jennifer Jacobs, Karen Koellner-Clark; Craig Schneider) ... 43-52
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A7: Algebra in elementary school: Developing relational thinking
(Thomas P. Carpenter; Linda Levi, Madison, Megan Loef Franke; Julie Koehler Zeringue) ...53-59
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A8: Adaptive interpretation: Building continuity between students' experiences solving problems in arithmetic and in algebra (Andrew Izsák, Bradford R. Findell) ...60-67
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A9: Middle school students’ understanding of core algebraic concepts: Equivalence and variable  (Eric J. Knuth; Martha W. Alibali; Nicole M. McNeil; Aaron Weinberg;
Ana C. Stephens Mad) ... 68-76
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