Volume 35 (April 2003) Number 2


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Analyses: Computer Algebra Systems and Dynamic Geometry Systems in Math Teaching. Pt. 2
Compiled and edited by Csaba Sárvári, Pécs (Hungary)

A1: Teaching spline approximation techniques using Maple
(Mihály Klincsik) ...30-35
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A2: CAS-supported multiple representations in elementary linear algebra. The case of the Gaussian algorithm. 
(Wolfgang Lindner) ... 36 - 42
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A3: Application of CAS for teaching of integral-transforming theorems 
(Ildiko Hámori Perjesi) ... 43-47
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A4: Didactic approach for teaching nondeterminism in automata theory
(György Mároti) ... 48-55
Abstract | Article (PDF)

A5: Network based math teaching using CAS 
(Csaba Sárvári) ... 56 - 62
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A6: CAS-based approach for discussing subset construction 
(György Maróti)... 63 - 68
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