Volume 33 (February 2001) Number 1


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Analyses: Computer-aided solution of open problems in mathematics teaching. Part 2
Compiled and edited by Heinz Schumann, Weingarten (Germany), and Thomas Weth, Nürnberg (Germany)
Part 1

A1:  About the use of the TI-92 for an open learning approach to power functions. A teaching study
(Bärbel Barzel; Regina Möller) ... 1–5
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A2:  Die Nutzung von Programmierwerkzeugen für das Lösen offener Aufgaben im Mathematikunterricht der Sekundarstufe I (The use of programming tools for the solution of open problems in middle secondary mathematics teaching)
(Bernd Hafenbrak; Heinz Schumann) ... 7–11
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A3:  Analysen "Computerunterstütztes Lösen offener mathematischer Aufgaben" – eine Nachbetrachtung (Analyses: Computer-aided solution of open problems in mathematics teaching – A synopsis)
(Heinz Schumann; Thomas Weth) ... 13–15
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Book reviews

R1: Steinbring, H.; Bartolini Bussi, M. G.; Sierpinska, A. (Eds.): Language and communication in the mathematics classroom
(Anna Sfard) ... 17–25
Abstract | Article (PDF)

R2: Verschaffel, L.; Greer, B.; de Corte; E.: Making sense of word problems
(Jarmila Novotná) ... 27–29
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I1: Announcements of future events ... 31–32
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