Geometry & Topology, Vol. 6 (2002) Paper no. 5, pages 91--152.

Convex cocompact subgroups of mapping class groups

Benson Farb, Lee Mosher

Abstract. We develop a theory of convex cocompact subgroups of the mapping class group MCG of a closed, oriented surface S of genus at least 2, in terms of the action on Teichmuller space. Given a subgroup G of MCG defining an extension L_G:
1---> pi_1(S) ---> L_G ---> G --->1
we prove that if L_G is a word hyperbolic group then G is a convex cocompact subgroup of MCG. When G is free and convex cocompact, called a "Schottky subgroup" of MCG, the converse is true as well; a semidirect product of pi_1(S) by a free group G is therefore word hyperbolic if and only if G is a Schottky subgroup of MCG. The special case when G=Z follows from Thurston's hyperbolization theorem.
Schottky subgroups exist in abundance: sufficiently high powers of any independent set of pseudo-Anosov mapping classes freely generate a Schottky subgroup.

Keywords. Mapping class group, Schottky subgroup, cocompact subgroup, convexity, pseudo-Anosov

AMS subject classification. Primary: 20F67, 20F65. Secondary: 57M07, 57S25.

DOI: 10.2140/gt.2002.6.91

E-print: arXiv:math.GR/0106190

Submitted to GT on 20 October 2001. Paper accepted 20 February 2002. Paper published 14 March 2002.

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Benson Farb, Lee Mosher
Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago
5734 University Ave, Chicago, Il 60637, USA
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Rutgers University, Newark, NJ 07102, USA


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