Geometry & Topology Monographs 3 (2000) - Invitation to higher local fields, Part I, section 2, pages 19-29

p-primary part of the Milnor K-groups and Galois cohomology of fields of characteristic p

O. Izhboldin

Abstract. For an arbitrary field p-torsion and cotorsion of the Milnor groups K_n(F) and K_n^{t}(F)=K_n(F)/\cap_{l\ge1} lK_n(F) are discussed. The work contains further discussions of an analogue of Satz 90 for K_n(F) and K_n^{t}(F) and computation of H^{n+1}_m(F) where F is either the rational function field in one variable F=k(t) or the formal power series F=k((t)).
Keywords. Milnor K-groups, cohomology groups.
AMS subject classification. 19F99.

E-print: arXiv:math.NT/0012133

Oleg Izhboldin

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