Notes on file formats

Journal articles are supplied in both PostScript (PS) and Portable Document (PDF) formats. The PostScript files are prepared wherever possible using 600dpi fonts which are optimised to produce high quality printed output on a 600dpi laser printer.

The PDF files are prepared as far as possible with Type 1 fonts (Blue Sky Computer Modern and AMS fonts or, where these are not available, BaKoMa fonts).

You will probably find that the PS files produce better printed output than the PDF files, whilst the PDF are easier to read on the computer screen.

Two versions of the PDF file are always supplied, with and without embedded fonts. The version without fonts is typically far shorter than the version with fonts but you must have the Blue Sky fonts installed on your system (where Acroread can find them) to use this short version. A set of these fonts can be collected from the CTAN TeX servers. If in doubt, use the version with embedded fonts.

A third version with PDF bookmarks and links is supplied from 2004 onwards for LaTeX sourced papers only. This version is intended for on-line browsing only. It may not be identical to the other versions because links break differently and may produce different line breaks (typically in the bibliography). Do not use this version for printing the paper.

The reprint cover is intended for printing and is supplied in PS format only.

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