Algebraic and Geometric Topology

Volume 6 (2006)

DOI: 10.2140/agt.2006.6

1. Pages 1-69 Legendrian knots and monopoles

2. Pages 71-89 Generalised Swan modules and the D(2) problem

3. Pages 91-117 Quasiflats with holes in reductive groups

4. Pages 119-144 Joins of DGA modules and sectional category

5. Pages 145-169 Twisted Alexander polynomials of periodic knots

6. Pages 171-194 Sweepouts of amalgamated 3--manifolds

7. Pages 195-252 Classifying spectra of saturated fusion systems

8. Pages 253-286 Completed representation ring spectra of nilpotent groups

9. Pages 287-308 A lower bound for coherences on the Brown-Peterson spectrum

10. Pages 309-327 A rational splitting of a based mapping space

11. Pages 329-349 Quantum link invariant from the Lie superalgebra D_{2 1,alpha}

12. Pages 351-372 Non-isotopic Heegaard splittings of Seifert fibered spaces

13. Pages 373-404 A volume form on the SU(2)-representation space of knot groups

14. Pages 405-434 Calabi quasi-morphisms for some non-monotone symplectic manifolds

15. Pages 435-457 On deformations of hyperbolic 3-manifolds with geodesic boundary

16. Pages 459-492 Regular homotopy and total curvature I: circle immersions into surfaces

17. Pages 493-512 Regular homotopy and total curvature II: sphere immersions into 3-space

18. Pages 513-537 Sutured Heegaard diagrams for knots

19. Pages 539-572 Cobordism of Morse functions on surfaces, the universal complex of singular fibers and their application to map germs

20. Pages 573-579 Erratum to: Homology stability for outer automorphism groups of free groups

21. Pages 581-602 Euclidean Mahler measure and twisted links

22. Pages 603-631 Homology cylinders and the acyclic closure of a free group

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