1.Pelczar A.
On the geometrical interpretation of some dual problems in the theory of linear programming
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 5-8
Article (PDF 572K)
2.Pelczar A.
On the extremal solutions of a functional equation
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 9-11
Article (PDF 551K)
3.Bierski F.
L'évaluation des coefficients d'une classe de fonctions analytiques et univalentes dans l'anneau circulaire
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 13-16
Article (PDF 396K)
4.£uczyñski M.
On the convergence to zero of oscillating solutions of an ordinary differential equation of order n
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 17-20
Article (PDF 364K)
5.Maj-Kluskowa J.
On a generalized capacity of a set in the space of two complex variables
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 21-23
Article (PDF 264K)
6.Krzystek Z.
On the convergence of sequences of points in a plane defined inductively by a homogeneous affine transformation
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 25-30
Article (PDF 686K)
7.Górski J.
On the E. Levi's condition of the analytic convexity of a domain in the space of two complex variables
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 31-34
Article (PDF 438K)
8.Szafirski B.
Constructions of the envelope of holomorphy of arbitrary domains in the space of n complex variables
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 35-42
Article (PDF 858K)
9.Bochenek J.
On a certain question for the linear combinations of the eigenfunctions in the Sturm-Liouville problem
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 43-47
Article (PDF 517K)
10.Sobieszek W.
On the functional equation...
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 49-52
Article (PDF 310K)
11.Sobieszek W.
The application of dynamic programming to the solution of extremal problems
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 53-65
Article (PDF 1199K)
12.Siwek E.
Une propriété des p-cônes dans l'espace euclidien a n dimensions
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 67-68
Article (PDF 157K)
13.Zajtz A.
Über eine Eigenschaft der geodätischen Linien auf den Zylinder und Rotationsflächen
Issue 7 (1962), pp. 69-72
Article (PDF 367K)

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