1.R"udiger Achilles, J"urgen St"uckrad
Remarks on the Cayley-van der Waerden-Chow form
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 11-25
Article (PDF 283K)
2.Evelia R. Garc'{i}a Barroso, Andrzej Lenarcik, Arkadiusz Płoski
Characterization of non-degenerate plane curve singularities
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 27-36
Article (PDF 224K)
3.Szymon Brzostowski
A note on Abhyankar--Moh's approximate roots of polynomials
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 37-46
Article (PDF 256K)
4.Maciej P. Denkowski
On the order of holomorphic and c-holomorphic functions
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 47-61
Article (PDF 294K)
5.Michael Hellus, J"urgen St"uckrad
Local cohomology and Matlis duality
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 63-70
Article (PDF 201K)
6.Piotr Jędrzejewicz
Generators of rings of constants of derivations
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 71-76
Article (PDF 202K)
7.Marek Karaś
Extension of polynomial mappings with a given Łojasiewicz exponent
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 77-79
Article (PDF 164K)
8.Martin Kreuzer
Computing Hilbert-Kunz functions of 1-dimensional graded rings
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 81-95
Article (PDF 302K)
9.Ernst Kunz, Rolf Waldi
Integral differentials and Fermat congruences
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 97-116
Article (PDF 353K)
10.Bj"orn M"aurer, J"urgen St"uckrad
Parts of reducing systems of parameters
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 117-118
Article (PDF 134K)
11.Dilip P. Patil, Grazia Tamone
On the type sequences of some one dimensional rings
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 119-130
Article (PDF 246K)
12.Stanisław Spodzieja
On the Nagata automorphism
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 131-136
Article (PDF 179K)
13.Per AA{}hag, Rafał Czyż, Sam Lodin, Frank Wikstr"om
Plurisubharmonic extension in non-degenerate analytic polyhedra
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 139-145
Article (PDF 223K)
14.Ludwik Byszewski
On some application of the Bochenek theorem
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 147-153
Article (PDF 185K)
15.Sebastian J. Kaim
Asymptotic stability of the extended Tjon-Wu model
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 155-173
Article (PDF 294K)
16.Karolina Kropielnicka
Implicit difference methods for quasilinear parabolic functional
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 175-195
Article (PDF 289K)
17.Marcin Radwański
Convergence of nonautonomous evolutionary algorithm
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 197-206
Article (PDF 210K)
18.Jerzy P. Rydlewski
Beta-regression model for periodic data with a trend
Issue 45 (2007), pp. 207-217
Article (PDF 214K)

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