1.Płoski A.
On special values for pencils of plane curve singularities
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 7-13
Article (PDF 208K)
2.Mormul P.
Minimal nilpotent bases for Goursat distributions of coranks not exceeding six
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 15-29
Article (PDF 273K)
3.Wiciak M.
A solution of the Cauchy problem in the class of absolutely continuous distribution-valued functions
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 31-53
Article (PDF 312K)
4.Teichmann J.
Tempered Groups
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 55-67
Article (PDF 256K)
5.Garay B.M.
A functional equation characterizing monomial functions used in permanence theory for ecological differential equations
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 69-76
Article (PDF 229K)
6.Korbas J.
On fibrations with the Grassmann manifold of two-planes as fiber
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 77-81
Article (PDF 191K)
7.Radoń M.
An abstract semilinear first order differential equations in the hyperbolic case
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 83-94
Article (PDF 221K)
8.Zaręba L.
The initial boundary value problem for the high order parabolic equation in unbounded domain
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 95-108
Article (PDF 251K)
9.Pielichowski W.
The optimization of eigenvalue problems involving the p-Laplacian
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 109-122
Article (PDF 275K)
10.Prykarpatsky A.K.
Symplectic field theory approach to studying ergodic measures related with nonautonomous hamiltonian systems
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 123-138
Article (PDF 287K)
11.Brzychczy S.
Infinite systems of strong parabolic differential-functional inequalities
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 139-148
Article (PDF 250K)
12.Pudełko A.
Existence of solutions of the Cauchy problem for semilinear infinite systems of parabolic differential-functional equations
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 149-169
Article (PDF 304K)
13.Oprocha P.
Structure of one-dimensional chain-recurrent sets of flows on the 2-sphere and on the plane
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 171-183
Article (PDF 276K)
14.Popescu P., Popescu M.
The derived Lie pseudoalgebra of an anchored module
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 185-198
Article (PDF 236K)
15.Dzedzej Z.
Erratum to
Issue 42 (2004), pp. 199-199
Article (PDF 86K)

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