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Duality of functions defined in lineally convex sets
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 7-36
Article (PDF 8967K)
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A remark on Tchebysheff polynomials in CN
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 37-45
Article (PDF 1834K)
3.Siciak J.
Wiener's type sufficient conditions in CN
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 47-74
Article (PDF 6780K)
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Multidimensional pseudo-dynamical and dynamical systems on metric spaces
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 75-94
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Remarks on some recurrency type and periodicity-like conditions in dynamical systems
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 95-113
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On complexified norm
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 115-120
Article (PDF 1095K)
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An invariance theorem for stochastic functional-differential equations
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 121-129
Article (PDF 2188K)
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An estimate of the geometric degree of an extension of some polynomial proper mappings
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 131-135
Article (PDF 1315K)
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On the Chaplyghin method for partial differential-functional equations of the first order
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 137-149
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Extremal mappings in convex domains
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 151-156
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Evolution equations of second order with parameter
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 157-167
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General conditions for existence of a solution of a semilinear problem
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 169-182
Article (PDF 2695K)
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Analytic solvability of some singular differential operators
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 183-187
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Weak solutions of evolution equations with parameter
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The shadowing lemma in a metric space
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A remark on the inner Carathéodory distance for the annulus
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 211-212
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Generic properties of iterated function systems with place dependent probabilities
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On capacity and some its applications
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Flat morphisms between regular varieties
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A proof of the criterion for multiplicity one
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21.Drużkowski L.M., Gurycz J.
An elementary proof of the tameness of polynomial automorphisms of k2
Issue 35 (1997), pp. 251-260
Article (PDF 3358K)

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