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On smooth dependence of solutions od parabolic equations on coefficients
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 7-17
Article (PDF 3512K)
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A note on continuity of fixed points
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 19-24
Article (PDF 2453K)
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On invariant measures supported on compact sets II
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 25-28
Article (PDF 1076K)
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Construction of prolongations of higher order G - structures
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 29-40
Article (PDF 3466K)
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The finite diference method in partial differential - functional equations
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 41-60
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Correction to: On some linear eigenvalue problems with an indefinite weight function (Univ.Iag.Acta Math., 27 (1988), pp.315-323)
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 61-63
Article (PDF 676K)
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Transfinite diameter and extremal points for a compact subset of Cn
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 65-70
Article (PDF 1447K)
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A construction of a diffusion process associated to a certain diffusion equation in the space of distributions
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 71-74
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Finite systems of strong nonlinear differential - functional degenerate - implicit inequalities with first order partial derivatives
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 75-84
Article (PDF 3528K)
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Markovian description of the development of Rhododendron ferrigineum L. species by the theory of generating functions
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 85-88
Article (PDF 1628K)
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Embedding theorems of infinite superalgebras
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 89-132
Article (PDF 10050K)
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Quantum phase and circular operators
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 133-144
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Notes on circular operators I
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 145-152
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14.Mlak W.
Notes on circular operators II
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 153-162
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Notes on circular operators III
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 163-170
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Notes on circular operators IV
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 171-175
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Time dependent circular operators
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 177-180
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18.Mrozek M.
Normal functions and retractors in categories of endomorphism
Issue 29 (1992), pp. 181-198
Article (PDF 5488K)

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