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On series of homogeneous polynomials noncontinuable beyond their domain of convergence
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 7-16
Article (PDF 575K)
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The Fubini theorem for semispectral integrals and semispectral representations of some families of operators
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 17-27
Article (PDF 657K)
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On boundary value problems for differential equations with a retarded argument
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 29-36
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The Newton-Padé approximants and the growth of meromorphic functions
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 37-42
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Another generalization of strong unicity
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Sur les prolongements de la solution de l'équation de translation
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On some properties of solutions to the first Fourier problem for infinite system of parabolic differential-functional equations in an arbitrary domain
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 67-74
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A difference analogue of nonlinear parabolic differential inequalities with nonlinear boundary conditions
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 75-83
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Asymptotic periodicity and bifurcations for one-dimensional maps
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 85-90
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A necessary condition for the existence of the extension operator from the Fréchet algebra of Whitney fields on a locally closed subset of Rn
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 91-98
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A characterization of the differentiable retractions
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 99-103
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Des applications du théorème de Puiseux dans la théorie des ensembles semi-analytiques dans R2
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Intersections of trajectories and transversals in dynamical systems
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Multiple differentiability of solutions with respect to parameter
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An asymptotic distribution of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the operator ...
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One-dimensional maps without asymptotic periodicity property
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The canonical form of the Ricci tensor in the n-dimensional Lorentz space
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On the existence of solution of homogeneous boundary value problem for ordinary differential equations
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Periodic and constant solutions via topological principle of Ważewski
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Some corollaries of Gromov's theorems
Issue 26 (1987), pp. 241-259
Article (PDF 717K)

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