1.Pleśniak W.
On a theorem of S. N. Bernstein in F-spaces
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 7-16
Article (PDF 1076K)
2.Pelczar A.
Sufficiency of jets by the method of integral inequalities
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 17-32
Article (PDF 740K)
3.Śnieżek B.
On a modification of the method of Euler polygons for systems of ordinary differential equations
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 33-41
Article (PDF 301K)
4.Jarnicki M.
Holomorphic functions with bounded growth on Riemann domains over Cn
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 43-51
Article (PDF 459K)
5.Piech B.
Lie algebras of infinitesimal holonomy groups of a Cartan connection
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 53-65
Article (PDF 666K)
6.Wronicz Z.
Approximation by complex splines
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 67-88
Article (PDF 904K)
7.Kosiek M.
A decomposition of operator representations of the algebra R (K1 x K2)
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 89-94
Article (PDF 333K)
8.Winiarski T.
Zeros of entire functions
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 95-99
Article (PDF 226K)
9.Moszner Z., Waśko M.
L'équation de translation sur le produit simple des groupes avec zéro
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 101-109
Article (PDF 464K)
10.Capiński M.
A statistical approach to the heat equation
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 111-133
Article (PDF 840K)
11.Trzepizur A.
Stability and Lyapunov functions in generalized local pseudo-dynamical systems
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 135-144
Article (PDF 559K)
12.Sobański M.
Limit sets in generalized pseudo-dynamical systems
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 145-159
Article (PDF 1066K)
13.Klimek M.
Remarks on derivations on normed algebras
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 161-166
Article (PDF 293K)
14.Mazurek M.
Some properties of extremal functions
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 167-174
Article (PDF 326K)
15.Czaja K.
A homomorphismus of certain Stein algebras
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 175-177
Article (PDF 147K)
16.Denkowska Z.
On a continuous extension of an algebraic function
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 179-181
Article (PDF 162K)
17.Reczek K.
Zur Padéschen Approximation der konvergenten Funktionenfolgen
Issue 20 (1979), pp. 183-187
Article (PDF 252K)

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