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Inverse function theorem
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 7-9
Article (PDF 231K)
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On some partial differential-functional equations
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 11-15
Article (PDF 394K)
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Existence of solutions of some Cauchy-Darboux problems for partial differential-functional equations
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 17-33
Article (PDF 1202K)
4.Drużkowski L.M.
Extension of separately analytic functions defined on a cross in the space Cn
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 35-44
Article (PDF 761K)
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Analytic continuation of pluriharmonic functions
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 45-51
Article (PDF 605K)
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On the existence of periodic solutions for an ordinary differential equation of the second order with a non-differentiable right hand side
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 53-58
Article (PDF 314K)
7.Malczak J.
Asymptotic behaviour for a nonautonomous differential equation with multivalued differential
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 59-70
Article (PDF 722K)
8.Capiński M.
Ultraproducts of higher-order models and non-standard analysis
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 71-79
Article (PDF 612K)
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Solutions spéciales des quelques équations functionnelles
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 81-87
Article (PDF 460K)
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On non-homogeneous linear functional inequality
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 89-92
Article (PDF 220K)
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Some theorems on partial differential-functional inequalities of parabolic type
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 93-104
Article (PDF 765K)
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On a certain polyharmonic problem for the half-plane
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 105-110
Article (PDF 313K)
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On mixed boundary-value problems for a spherical octant
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 111-119
Article (PDF 408K)
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A difference method for a non-linear functional-differential equation of the first order
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 121-127
Article (PDF 312K)
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On the difference method for a non-linear parabolic functional-differential equation
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 129-138
Article (PDF 404K)
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A difference method for a non-linear two-point boundary value problem
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 139-141
Article (PDF 105K)
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On the existence, uniqueness and continuous dependence of solution of boundary value problems for differential equations with a delayed parameter
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 143-153
Article (PDF 1228K)
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On some comparison theorems for a functional inequality connected with cosine
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 155-158
Article (PDF 269K)
19.Szostak E.
Note on an implicit function theorem in a non-differentiable case
Issue 18 (1977), pp. 159-162
Article (PDF 603K)

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