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Universal microbundles
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 7-12
Article (PDF 442K)
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Sur l'unicité des solutions des équations paraboliques et elliptiques
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 13-18
Article (PDF 462K)
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On the differentiability of regular solutions of a linear functional equation
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 19-25
Article (PDF 709K)
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On the existence of solution of two-point boundary-value problem for second order differential equation
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 27-33
Article (PDF 636K)
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On the existence of solutions of the floquet problem for ordinary differential equations
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 35-39
Article (PDF 273K)
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Convex sets and the modulus of continuity
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 41-44
Article (PDF 305K)
7.Lasota A., Łuczyński
A note on the uniqueness of two point boundary value problems II
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 45-48
Article (PDF 276K)
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On some iterative-differential equations II
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 49-51
Article (PDF 203K)
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Analyticity and separate analyticity of functions defined on lower dimensional subsets of Cn
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 53-70
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Formal solutions of a functional equation
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 71-78
Article (PDF 617K)
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On the integrals of furcation of an ordinary differential equation
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 79-84
Article (PDF 604K)
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Functions with separated variables
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 85-96
Article (PDF 1182K)
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The fundamental solution for second order elliptic differential equations
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 97-107
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A generalization of the second theorem of O. Hanner
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 109-112
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Note on problem of K. Borsuk
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 113-115
Article (PDF 385K)
16.Zajtz A.
On singular solutions of a matrix multiplicative functional equation
Issue 13 (1969), pp. 117-124
Article (PDF 1458K)

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