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Invariant functionals on locally compact topological spaces
Issue 12 (1968), pp. 7-10
Article (PDF 366K)
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On the boundary value problems for the ordinary differential equation of second order
Issue 12 (1968), pp. 11-16
Article (PDF 719K)
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On absolute G in perfectly normal topological spaces
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Article (PDF 98K)
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Article (PDF 467K)
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A note on the uniqueness of two point boundary value problems I
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Article (PDF 151K)
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Application of the differential equations with distributional coefficients to the optimal control theory
Issue 12 (1968), pp. 31-37
Article (PDF 1394K)
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Un théoreme sur les pseudoobjets géométriques associés avec des objets géométriques linéaires et homogenes
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On some equations in partially ordered spaces
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Sni¾enie klassa geometrièeskogo obekta
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Non-existence of certain concomitants of the singular tensor... and its geometrical interpretation
Issue 12 (1968), pp. 93-100
Article (PDF 509K)

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