On biadjoint triangles

Fernando Lucatelli Nunes

We prove a biadjoint triangle theorem and its strict version, which are 2-dimensional analogues of the adjoint triangle theorem of Dubuc. Similarly to the 1-dimensional case, we demonstrate how we can apply our results to get the pseudomonadicity characterization (due to Le Creurer, Marmolejo and Vitale).

Furthermore, we study applications of our main theorems in the context of the 2-monadic approach to coherence. As a direct consequence of our strict biadjoint triangle theorem, we give the construction (due to Lack) of the left 2-adjoint to the inclusion of the strict algebras into the pseudoalgebras.

In the last section, we give two brief applications on lifting biadjunctions and pseudo-Kan extensions.

Keywords: adjoint triangles, descent objects, Kan extensions, pseudomonads, biadjunctions

2010 MSC: 18D05, 18A40, 18C15

Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 31, 2016, No. 9, pp 217-256.

Published 2016-04-05.


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