Homotopy theories of diagrams

J.F. Jardine

Suppose that S is a space. There is an injective and a projective model structure for the resulting category of spaces with S-action, and both are easily derived. These model structures are special cases of model structures for presheaf-valued diagrams $X$ defined on a fixed presheaf of categories E which is enriched in simplicial sets.

Varying the parameter category object E (or parameter space S) along with the diagrams X up to weak equivalence requires model structures for E-diagrams having weak equivalences defined by homotopy colimits, and a generalization of Thomason's model structure for small categories to a model structure for presheaves of simplicial categories.

Keywords: model structures, presheaves of categories, diagrams

2010 MSC: Primary 18F20; Secondary 18G30, 55U35

Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 28, 2013, No. 11, pp 269-303.

Published 2013-05-16.


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