Flows: cocyclic and almost cocyclic

Michael Barr, John F. Kennison, and R. Raphael

A flow on a compact Hausdorff space is an automorphism. Using the closed structure on the category of uniform spaces, a flow gives rise, by iteration, to an action of the integers on the topological group of automorphisms of the object. We study special classes of flows: periodic, cocyclic, and almost cocyclic, mainly in term of the possibility of extending this action continuously to various compactifications of the integers.

Keywords: flow on compact spaces, periodic and cocyclic flows, almost cocyclic flows

2000 MSC: 18B30,37C55,54C30,54B30

Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 25, 2011, No. 18, pp 490-507.

Published 2011-11-19.


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