Relative injectivity as cocompleteness for a class of distributors

Maria Manuel Clementino and Dirk Hofmann

Notions and techniques of enriched category theory can be used to study topological structures, like metric spaces, topological spaces and approach spaces, in the context of topological theories. Recently in [D. Hofmann, Injective spaces via adjunction, arXiv:math.CT/0804.0326] the construction of a Yoneda embedding allowed to identify injectivity of spaces as cocompleteness and to show monadicity of the category of injective spaces and left adjoints over SET. In this paper we generalise these results, studying cocompleteness with respect to a given class of distributors. We show in particular that the description of several semantic domains presented in [M. Escardo and B. Flagg, Semantic domains, injective spaces and monads, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 20 (1999)] can be translated into the V-enriched setting.

Keywords: Quantale, V-category, monad, topological theory, distributor, Yoneda lemma, weighted colimit

2000 MSC: 18A05, 18D15, 18D20, 18B35, 18C15, 54B30, 54A20

Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 21, 2008, No. 12, pp 210-230.

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