The Editorial Board of Theory and Applications of Categories controls this series with coordination by its Managing Editor Robert Rosebrugh, Associate Managing Editor Michael Barr, and Steering Committee. Electronic archives are maintained by Theory and Applications of Categories and at various mirror sites. Paper copies of articles are archived at the Mount Allison University Library.

The Editorial Board wishes to acknowledge financial support from the M. Y. Bell Faculty Fund towards purchase of the journal Theory and Applications of Categories' first server, and on-going technical support from the Mount Allison University Computing Services Department.


Reprints in Theory and Applications of Categories will disseminate articles or other works from the body of important literature in Category Theory and closely related subjects which has never been published in journal form, or which has been published in journals whose narrow circulation makes access very difficult. Publication in Reprints in Theory and Applications of Categories will permit free and full dissemination of such documents over the Internet. Works appearing have been critically reviewed by the Editorial Board of Theory and Applications of Categories Only works of lasting significance are considered for publication.

The method of distribution of the series is via the Internet tools WWW/ftp. The series is archived electronically and in printed paper format.

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  1. After obtaining written permission from any copyright holder, any three TAC Editors may propose a work for TAC Reprints to the Managing Editor. The proposal will be reported to all Editors.
  2. The Managing Editor may either accept the proposal or require that the Editors vote on it. Before such a vote, the author, title and original publication data will be circulated to Editors. If a 2/3 majority of those TAC Editors responding within one month agrees, the work will be accepted for TAC Reprints.
  3. After a work is accepted, the author or proposer must provide to TAC either a usable TeX source or a PDF document acceptable to the Managing Editor that reproduces a typeset version. Up to five pages of corrections, commentary and forward pointers may be appended by the author.

When submitting commentary, authors should read and follow the Format for submission of Theory and Applications of Categories

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Subscribers to the journal Theory and Applications of Categories receive abstracts of new Reprints by electronic mail. PDF files of the reprints are available by WWW/ftp.

To subscribe to Theory and Applications of Categories send a request to , including your name and a postal address. The journal and reprints series are free to individuals.

Authors retain copyright to commentaries appearing with reprints. The series is copyrighted by the Theory and Applications of Categories Editorial Board. For further information, contact the Managing Editor, Robert Rosebrugh, .

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If you access the series from a mirror site and find it not up to date, follow the Home site link on the series home page.

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