ST property">

Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications

ISSN 1842-6298 (electronic), 1843-7265 (print)
Volume 11 (2016), 21 -- 31

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Anita Tomar, Giniswamy, C. Jeyanthi, P. G. Maheshwari

Abstract. The aim of this paper is to establish the existence of coincidence and common fixed point of F-contractions via CLRST property. Our results generalize, extend and improve the results of Wardowski [D. Wardowski, Fixed points of a new type of contractive mappings in complete metric spaces, Fixed Point Theory and Applications (2012) 2012:94, 6 pages, doi: 10.1186/1687-1812-2012-94], Batra et al. [Coincidence Point Theorem for a New Type of Contraction on Metric Spaces, Int. Journal of Math. Analysis, Vol. 8(27) 2014, 1315-1320] and others existing in literature. Examples are also given in support of our results.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 47H10; 54H25
Keywords: Common fixed point, common limit range property, F-contraction, weakly compatible maps.

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Anita Tomar,
Government P.G. College, Dakpathar(Dehradun), India.

P. E. S College of Science, Arts and Commerce, Mandya, India.

C. Jeyanthi,
Teresian College, Mysore.

P. G. Maheshwari,
Government First Grade College, Vijayanagara, Bangalore.