Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications

ISSN 1842-6298
Volume 2 (2007), 43 - 58


Naji Qatanani, Amjad Barham and Qasem Heeh

Abstract. This article gives very significant and up-to-date analytical results on the conductive-radiative heat transfer model containing two conducting and opaque materials which are in contact by radiation through a transparent medium bounded by diffuse-gray surfaces. Some properties of the radiative integral operator will be presented. The main emphasis of this work deals also with the question of existence and uniqueness of weak solution for this problem. The existence of weak solution will be proved by showing that our problem is pseudomonotone and coercive. The uniqueness of the solution will be proved using an idea from the analysis of nonlinear heat conduction.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 35J60, 45B05, 45P05, 80A20.
Keywords: heat conduction, heat radiation, integral operator, coercivity, monotonicity.

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Aknowledgment. The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewer for his constructive comments and suggestions. This has helped on the quality improvement of this transcript.
Naji Qatanani Amjad Barham
Department of Mathematics Al-Quds University, Palestine Polytechnic University,
P.O. Box 20002 Abu-Dies, Jerusalem. Hebron, Palestine.
e-mail: nqatanani@science.alquds.edu e-mail: amjad@ppu.edu

Qasem Heeh
Department of Mathematics Al-Quds University,
P.O. Box 20002 Abu-Dies, Jerusalem.